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Triflex accelerates the consultation process with the Digital Product Selector

About Triflex

Triflex is a leading European specialist for PMMA liquid plastics in the area of sealing and coating. The chemical company is characterized by a unique interaction of skilled workers, planners, employees and of course the products. Triflex has made it its aim to develop the optimal, individual and durable solution for every requirement.

industry: construction chemistry
Product: PMMA liquid plastics
Target group: Architects, tradesmen, planners

Goal: Acceleration of the consulting process and automated quantity calculation

In the construction industry, it is crucial to offer customers fast and precise support in planning and finding the right products. Triflex recognized this need and introduced the system calculator for its customers. Triflex's goal was to give customers the opportunity to carry out calculations and quantity calculations for their construction projects themselves and to be able to create a list of materials as a packing list for employees around the clock. At the same time, the advisory process was to be accelerated and the preparation of offers optimized. In addition, all relevant data and information should be stored in a central location in order to simplify data maintenance and to help customers to enable simple training in the Triflex system logic for new employees.


Triflex speeds up the consultation process

Solution: The Digital Product Selector

Triflex's solution was the Digital Product Selector, which enables customers to make their planning and search for products more efficient and user-friendly. The Selector system calculator enables the calculation to be stored in the software. Thanks to an intuitive backend, the system calculator can be easily and flexibly adapted by Triflex itself to the needs of the customer, e.g. B. through price adjustments for different markets. In addition, graduated prices are now automatically taken into account, which enables customers to calculate costs precisely.

Result: autonomy for customers and time savings for sales

An important result of the implementation of the Digital Product Selector is the central storage of knowledge and product data in one place. This enables easy data maintenance and ensures that all employees always have access to up-to-date and accurate information. Triflex customers can rest assured that they always have the right product information to hand.

The system calculator also offers users the option of entering a reserve factor on the results page. This factor is subsequently included in the calculation and enables even more precise cost planning. With the introduction of the Digital Product Selector, Triflex customers have gained more autonomy and the sales force saves an enormous amount of time in the consultation process.

Next, a PIM connection (Product Information Management) is planned, which will enable Triflex to manage product data even more efficiently. The PIM connection will further optimize the workflow and offer customers an even higher level of support.

(Further) special features of the “System Calculator” selector:

  • Quick calculation / cost calculation
  • CustomPage
  • PDF export
  • Share button
  • Link to contact person search


We look forward to your inquiry about the Digital Product Selector. Let's digitize B2B sales together in a sustainable way!

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