STIHL battery advisor

STIHL is expanding the digital advisory experience for customers


The STIHL Group develops, manufactures and sells engine-powered tools for forestry and agriculture as well as for landscape maintenance, the construction industry and private garden owners. The product range is complemented by digital solutions and services. The company was founded in 1926 and is now active in over 160 countries.

industry: gardening and forestry

Product: motor equipment and tools

Target group: Forestry, construction industry and private use

The challenge: digitization of the consulting experience

STIHL products are generally sold through service dealers. In addition to the specialist trade, an online shop should be made available to customers, which is to be expanded internationally over the next few years. In order to offer customers not only an online shop, but also a good advice experience, STIHL decided on our solution, the Digital Product Selector. The aim was to provide customers with an optimal customer journey and advice around the clock, thereby enhancing the shopping experience.


The result: the STIHL battery advisor

The battery advisor is integrated on the STIHL website and now offers professionals in gardening and landscaping, municipalities and caretaker services a quick and easy way to find out online which cordless tools and charging solutions are best suited to their tasks. The consulting tool asks for specific activities, device categories and operating times and calculates an individual recommendation on the basis of this. In addition, the customer also receives suitable alternative suggestions and information about which battery products, how many batteries and which charging infrastructure he specifically needs. The selection can then be placed in the shopping cart. Not only customers, but also specialist dealers benefit from the digital battery advisor by simplifying the advisory process.

Plus: the tool creates more transparency about STIHL battery technology

The STIHL battery advisor is characterized by the fact that it consistently implements the company's most important basic principle, sustainability. STIHL not only modifies existing products and develops new ones, but also consistently implements its principle of sustainability in sales by, among other things, drawing attention to suitable alternatives and creating more transparency about battery consumption.

The tool shows the costs for the compiled fleet of devices and the necessary batteries and chargers. The customer receives a cost comparison of the suggested device selection, including ongoing operating costs, versus the costs of comparable petrol products. The profitability calculation should also support the customer in the purchase decision.

Added value for STIHL

  • Flexible adaptability in the backend
  • Easy connection to other systems and integration into the website
  • More conversion also via digital channels
  • Product and customer insights
  • Individual evaluations of the battery advisor can be saved for further advice


We look forward to your inquiry about the Digital Product Selector. Let's digitize B2B sales together in a sustainable way!

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