THOMSIT advises customers via app

Customers can find quick and easy advice on the construction of floor coverings via the object advisor


Under the brand THOMSIT PCI Group offers a complete portfolio of floor laying systems in Western Europe, from subfloor repair and subfloor preparation to floor covering bonding. In order to remain fit for the future, THOMSIT is working on new problem solutions and services. For example, their streamlined logistics are among some of the fastest in the industry.

In 2022, THOMSIT was again honored as Germany's leading flooring technology brand by the DIE ZEIT publishing group as "Brand of the Century 2022".

industry: construction industry

Product: floor laying systems

Target group: Plastics trade, manufacturers building materials trade, specialist contractors, architects and DIY project planners


“The time factor is becoming more and more important, whether on the construction site or when advising in a specialist shop. Therefore, users appreciate quick and uncomplicated solutions. A construction recommendation anytime and anywhere, or a technical answer in no time, directly on the construction site or during the conversation at the sales counter - that is a clear competitive advantage thanks to THOMSIT."

Stephan Tschernek, Head of Marketing PCI Group

Why a new property consultant was needed

With the project consultant, THOMSIT wanted to offer customers a consulting tool for the construction of floor coverings. Above all, customers should receive instructions with all the necessary work steps to lay a new floor according to their requirements. The goal: A very customer-oriented tool!

THOMSIT already had a property consultant online when they came to us. The aim was to further develop this in such a way that it can be maintained quickly and easily by several employees, even without specific specialist knowledge.

The aim was to make planning easier for customers and to give them more security in their selection. For example, even buyers with little specialist knowledge should be able to use the offer configurator to obtain an error-free offer in just a few clicks. Due to the large number of verifiable standards that are offered to the customer in the configurator, the data preparation was the greatest challenge. In joint coordination and preparation in Excel logic, the data and logic were finally stored in an easy-to-maintain format.


Added value at a glance

Assembly recommendation including precise product recommendation

Property Advisor is available anytime, anywhere

Very time-saving for planners and sales

In no time at all to the object consultant 2.0

Since the product data was already available in digital form, a first prototype of the new object consultant could be quickly configured after an initial joint workshop with THOMSIT. For the quantity and container calculation, an individual post-processor code was created by our programmers in close cooperation with THOMSIT. With the help of this programming, the quantity and container requirements are now automatically and flexibly calculated on the basis of the entered area and spatula layer thickness. As soon as new product data is uploaded, it is automatically included in the recommendation calculation. The entire database did not have to be created from scratch.

After the launch of the selector on the THOMSIT website, the next step was to develop an app specifically for the object consultant in cooperation with an external agency. All changes or updates can still be made via the backend of the software and are automatically adopted in the app and in the object advisor integrated on the website.

On every construction site, available quickly and easily via app

With the new digital object advisor, THOMSIT customers can now quickly and easily create individual installation recommendations at any time and send the result directly as a PDF file. All relevant information such as processing steps, required products, consumption quantities and technical data sheets are available as PDF files in the assembly recommendation. The user interface has been modernized and optimized for users who use the tool on the THOMSIT website, making it even easier and more intuitive to use.

In the event of technical questions, the user can now quickly contact THOMSIT technology via the app and will receive an answer within one working day as a push notification directly in the THOMSIT property consultant app. Processors and specialist salespeople benefit from the easy exchange with the THOMSIT technicians. With the new, revised object consultant and the associated app, THOMSIT is expanding the digital offer in a future-oriented manner.

Features of the Object Advisor:

  • E-mail with result PDF
  • Download button with stored data sheets for the respective products
  • Quantity and container calculation


We look forward to your inquiry about the Digital Product Selector. Let's digitize B2B sales together in a sustainable way!

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