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A success story with the Digital Product Selector: Bronze award for the best product configurator!

About danogyps

As a full-service provider for dry interior construction, the Danogips GmbH & Co. KG one of the leading suppliers of building materials in Germany. Danogips consistently implements its vision: "Freedom for dry construction". The company stands for free choice of components and open solutions in dry construction. The product range includes gypsum boards in various designs and optimally matched spatula materials. The company also offers a wide range of accessories for dry construction and sophisticated profile technology.

Danogips wins DARLING® Award in bronze for the best product configurator! The winners are determined annually in a large-scale, multimedia survey by Heinze market research.

industry: construction industry

Product: drywall building materials

Target group: Building materials trade, specialist contractors and architects/planners

“With just a few clicks, we offer our customers the entire world of dry construction. We not only show tested solutions, but also all relevant standard constructions. This makes our construction selector unique on the market.”

Markus Runte, head of technology at Danogips


In the construction industry, the search for suitable dry construction solutions is often a time-consuming challenge, because customers need a whole range of product information, data sheets, construction documents and much more. Danogips offers open solutions in dry construction, which is what makes the company stand out on the market. This in turn also means that numerous design variants are possible. A design selector makes it easier for customers to find the right solution. Planning and preparing quotations become more effective. It was important for Danogips that the configurator was a flexible and therefore expandable system that could be operated intuitively.  

Co-Innovation Partnership

Danogips has been dealing with the construction selector for a long time and has made its own variant available since 2018. However, this should be expanded and improved. The first contact with FoxBase was made while looking for an efficient partner. In the first joint meeting, it was already apparent that FoxBase's "Digital Product Selector" software solution, with its many standards and expandable options, would meet Danogips' requirements. Further requests, eg a memo function, were jointly developed and supplemented. These features enable customers to store the results of their product search for later use. Parallel to the development of the feature, Danogips configured a first construction selector based on their product data and their corporate design. After intensive testing, the selector was activated on the website.

"Our construction selector allows customers to digital, fast and uncomplicated for all structural ARequirements to display all matching constructions. This is very well received by our customers because they have recognized that the selector saves them a lot of time. In this way, we can present you with a reliable solution, including a test certificate, for 95 percent of all conventional drywall constructions within a few minutes.” 

Hubertus Kertelge, Sales Manager at Danogips 


The manufacturer's knowledge of all aspects of dry construction is bundled via the selector. Structured clearly and concisely, builders' merchants, specialist contractors and architects can find their dry construction solutions and all the associated construction documents with just a few clicks. The selector offers customers extended filter options for structural requirements, the download of relevant data sheets and links to important planning tools. The construction selector from Danogips provides information on dry construction solutions for high-quality fire and sound insulation, cantilever suspended ceilings and burglar-resistant walls. Customers benefit from the digital solution by being able to compile all relevant information quickly and clearly 24/7.  

Greater efficiency and
Saving time in finding a solution

Customers receive all relevant
information quickly and easily

The selector is flexible and can be adjusted at any time by Danogips

Construction selector features:

  • Filter options using the dropdown function
  • Link to the important planning tools (construction sheet, detail sheets, test certificates, BIM, tender texts) 
  • Tested solutions and all relevant standard constructions 
  • Share the results with clients and colleagues 
  • Generation of current data sheets based on the stored master data
  • Notepad + share button


We look forward to your inquiry about the Digital Product Selector. Let's digitize B2B sales together in a sustainable way!


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