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A crucial skill in today's society is to limit oneself to the essential information. For a successful business model or marketing of products, two environmental psychological aspects in particular are still important:  Orientation friendliness and the Orientation friendliness These two aspects have already proven themselves in the analogue business world and can also be applied in the digital world on the product side as well as in the online shop. The customer wants to be able to find the right product and the relevant (but not all) information quickly, easily and independently. Orientation is the key of a good website. Ideally, the customer is guided to the right product within a few minutes - keyword "Guided Selling". Once the customer has finally landed on the results page, the same challenges have to be overcome again: Orientation and activation of the point-of-sale.

We will use some of our customer examples to show how B2B companies are using Guided Selling the Orientation friendliness on the product side and thus contribute to the cognitive relief of the clientele. First, the customer is led to the results page by asking specific questions about their needs. On this page, they receive a preview of the products and offers that match their needs. Depending on the offer and target group, the information and call-to-actions that the customer finds differ.

Example product page drywall solutions

Danogips GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading suppliers of building materials in Germany. Customers can find the right solution for their drywall construction in just a few clicks via the construction selector.

The results page is characterised by the fact that the customer can find further information on this page. Filter options is made available to the customer. If the customer now has the right design variant to choose from, he can use the relevant information such as tender texts, test certificates and construction sheets. Thanks to a simple and intuitive layout, he does not have to search for them for a long time. A special feature is the Notepad, which offers the possibility to share the recommendations with others and save them in one place for a later time.

Example product page pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and veterinary applications

With the product selector "g guide", Gerresheimer AG offers its customers in the pharma and biopharma industry as well as veterinary medicine a digital assistant that guides them quickly and easily to the right product solution. The results page has a simple design and yet all the relevant information is gathered in one place.

So that the page does not become too long, a maximum of 6 recommendations with partial Fold-out modules is displayed. The results page is rounded off with a simple and clear call-to-action, which the customer can use to easily get in touch with the person responsible for the product in the sales department. On the left side, the navigation bar so that the customer has the possibility to make adjustments flexibly and quickly. The three product columns have the advantage that the product recommendations can be compared directly with each other. Gerresheimer focuses on the essential product features such as material and size as well as the product advantages.

What does a good results page look like?

The results page makes the difference between buying and not buying. A good results page contains the product recommendation, the description of the product including advantages and a call-to-action. The design also plays a role here. The page should look tidy and the most important information should be directly recognisable. The aim is to motivate the customer to get in touch or to buy directly. It helps to check whether the following questions can be answered with yes:

Product presentation: What does the product look like? What distinguishes it and what are the advantages?
Create trust: Is the product currently available? Is it the right product? Are there alternatives?
Create a positive experience: Is the customer addressed personally? Does he receive an individual recommendation?
Simple and intuitive to use: Are only the relevant information shown? Are the call-to-actions understandable?  

Further examples of successful results pages in B2B

Ifm: Parts lists for all-round protection of fan systems

After the customer has answered a few questions about their needs, they receive a Item List of all the products required and can store them directly in the appropriate quantity in the shopping cart .

Shining 3D: 3D Digitising and Printing Technology for Dentistry, Scanning and Metrology

This results page is very clearly designed and still provides the customer with all relevant information about the Download area. In addition, the customer has the option of viewing the result via the Share button to be forwarded via e-mail.

Thomsit: Floor coverings for the DIY craftsman

Thomsit has developed the Object consultant has developed a tool that not only provides the customer with a product recommendation to suit his or her needs, but also an assembly recommendation with detailed instructions on the individual steps for the do-it-yourself handyman.

Triflex: Waterproofing system solutions for architects and planners

About the Detail and system finder Triflex also offers advice outside of service hours. Architects and planners can find all the information they need for the planning process (CAD drawings, specifications, etc.) within a few minutes.

Product and results page: The detail makes the difference!

A product page and a results page are similar, but differ from each other in one essential point. The distinction becomes clear with the following question: Is the product exactly what I need and what suitable alternatives are there?

The product page is the page that shows the customer all the information he needs to decide to buy a product. However, the customer still does not know for sure whether it is really the right product. To find out, he has to invest more time in researching and sifting through the information.

The results page on the other hand, indicates that a pre-sorting has already taken place. The customer receives an overview of the products that are right for him. A needs analysis has already taken place and the customer no longer has to leaf through a 100-page catalogue. This makes the purchase decision easier. A good result page can therefore help the customer make a purchase decision more quickly, which has a positive effect on sales and time expenditure.


The amount of information we consume every day can quickly overwhelm you, and shopping is no exception. The user visiting your website may already know what they need, yet they spend a lot of time browsing through your and other product catalogues or scrolling through hundreds of offers in numerous categories. More and more in demand is Guided Selling, a new type of sales form which, with the help of intelligently asked questions, leads the customer online and quickly to the right product selection.

To be successful, a company should pay attention to a clear presentation of information and offer a sustainable alternative. A quick product comparison should be made possible and a clear call-to-action should be present. The customer becomes more flexible through the possibility of self-service. A customer-oriented and effective results page addresses the customer personally and offers him a product recommendation that fits his individual needs in order to simplify the purchase decision.


We look forward to your inquiry about the Digital Product Selector. Let's digitize B2B sales together in a sustainable way!


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