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Learn how to create your own Digital Product Selector
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FoxBase Digitizer

The backend of the Digital Product Selector briefly explained

You've heard of FoxBase and would like to learn how to digitize sales using the Digital Product Selector? That's why we developed Getting Started.

Getting Started takes you by the hand and leads
Step by step through the creation of a selector.

Digital Product Selector

What is a Digital Product Selector?

The primary aim of a digital product selector is to offer the customer those products from a wide range of products that best meet his specific requirements. The special thing about the Digital Product Selector developed by FoxBase is that your customers can use the software to find the right product in the shortest possible time without any prior knowledge. And it's fully automated. A selector is created in the so-called digitizer, what for

the backend of the software is up. The digitizer contains all the tools you need to create and edit a selector yourself and adapt it to the needs of your customers. The digitizer is the kit you need to digitize sales. We will show you step by step how a selector is built in the digitizer and which functions the digitizer has using an example in the Getting Started documentation.

Digital product advice in just a few clicks

Frontend: Showcase to try out


We look forward to your inquiry about the Digital Product Selector. Let's digitize B2B sales together in a sustainable way!

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