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access management

The Access Manager allows administrators, companies and organizations to control and restrict access to your private knowledge base using WordPress user accounts. Grant permissions for roles and groups.
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Elegant layouts

Elegant Layouts adds grid and sidebar layouts. Use grid layout or sidebar layout for KB main page or mix and match basic, tab, grid and sidebar layouts in different ways. Learn more.
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Multiple knowledge bases

Create multiple knowledge bases: one for each product, service, topic or department. Each knowledge base has separate articles, URLs, KB main page, and administration screens. Learn more.
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Advanced Search

Increase search usability and view search analytics such as popular searches and unsuccessful searches. Learn more.
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Item rating and feedback

Let your readers rate the quality of your articles and provide insightful feedback. Use analytics to find top and bottom rated items. Learn more.


Add knowledge base search, recent articles and other widgets and shortcodes to your articles, sidebars and pages. Learn more.
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Links Editor for PDFs and more

Set links to PDFs, pages, posts and websites in articles. On the KB main page, select icons for your article. Learn more.
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