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In the next step you define the levels of the question tree. Choose under Questionnaire NEW PAGE, to a add a new level to the question tree. (You can change the order later in the questionnaire.)

new page button

So that Malfarben GmbH customers can be recommended a suitable product, we begin by asking very general questions and then become more specific.

Info: Below, the items that the Selector user will see directly are defined as “FRONT END” marked. The settings that are made for this are stored in the “BACKEND” (in digitizer) met.

Info: You can give the selector an individual look icons to use. So that a black finger (as in our example) is displayed as an icon for each question level, you can copy the following link and use it as a Icon URL and About Icon URL insert (illustration under question level 1):

Link to icon.

Resources: Question Tree - Logic (You will learn how a question tree works)

Question level 1: Choose your area of application


First, the customer should select the area of application (page title: Page Title).

Link an icon appropriate to the topic (icon URL) and choose the appearance of the info icon (usually the same URL as the icon URL).

Use the link below: 

Link to icon.

First level of questions

Place them choices (choices) and Answer choices (Answers) on. As a rule, a choice and at least two answers are created.


You choose the Type Cards. Cards are images with optional text. Cards are mostly used for images with a lot of text. Alternatively, you can also use buttons with a single line of text. If you are interested in learning more about the different question types, here more detailed information.

 Via QuestionTitle you can ask the customer questions about the topic.

Question title and type


To add answer choices, click + ADD ANSWER.

Add answers

Name the answer options (Card Title) and embed an image (Image


Answers and images URL

The question of the area of application now forms the first question level. 

We now form 5 further question levels.  

You have learned how to create a question level. Question levels 2-6, i.e. their questions and answer options, as well as the corresponding conditionals, are next article explained.

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