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Choose Recommendation Method

For the standard case, the algorithm should matrixRecommendation must be selected in the Choose Recommendation Method area.

Alternatively, you can also use a Item List configure. In this case the itemListRecommendation chosen.

Number of recommendations shown

Via Number of recommendations shown the maximum number of products to be displayed on the result page can be specified. We recommend the number on three limit products.

Special fields – matrix recommendation

exclude answers

Exclude responses in outcome determination

In the special fields can under exclude_answers. Response options are excluded in the context of determining the result. This means that these can still be clicked on by the user and the clicks can also be made in the area insights counted, but the answer is not included in the calculation of the product recommendation.

In the following example, according to the matrix, no result should be played after the answer option "No". Because this answer option was excluded, it is not included in the product recommendation:

Exclude Responses Doc

NumberRecommendations returned

This input field has a technical background. It can be ignored here. To explain: You can choose how many products come from the server, i.e. how much data is downloaded.

Show user inputs

Display inputs on the results page

In the Special Fields area, under show_user_inputs the entries of the users are selected, which are to be displayed on the result page at the end.

Displaying the entries on the result page can be used, among other things, to show the user which answers he has selected or to make it clear that a product meets the selected requirements. In the following example, the answers provided by the user to the questions "cutting tool" and "cutting wheel size" are displayed on the result page.

First mark under show_user_inputs Answers to appear on the results page (GIF left). After that switch to Result Page tab > Product Sections and add below Add Sections add the element user input added (picture on the right).

View customer input

After saving, the answers stored by the user are displayed on the results page as follows:

A notice: This function is only recommended if you basically recommend only one result to your target group, since the displayed entries are repeated for each result.

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