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In order for the user to receive a product recommendation at the end of the completed questionnaire, all products must be uploaded under the "Products" menu item. If no interface is defined, you can upload one here CSV file to use.

Product data import process

The upload takes place via the button Import Product Data.

First select the in the left corner of the dialog Language for which you want to upload product data if you use multiple languages.

IMPORTANT: In order not to overwrite existing product data, before uploading at "Product Data Language" language can be selected in the top left corner of the page or during the upload dialog.

Language selection for product upload

After selecting your file, you will see a preview with an overview of the data to be imported in the subsequent dialog. You can also filter these based on the columns contained in the data.

Clicking on Import completes the process. The following dialog provides information about how many data records have been newly imported or updated.

A NOTICE: If you want to update existing products, you should take special care not to change the id of the products, as the matching is done via the corresponding product data column (id). The product data is updated while the matrix values remain unchanged.

My CSV file cannot be imported. Where is the mistake?

Possible sources of error can be the following:

  • The CSV file contains incorrect column titles such as spaces, umlauts or special characters. Also, check that each column has a title, as well empty titles lead to import errors.
  • The column titles are longer than 64 characters. Titles with 64 characters or more result in a loading error during import.
  • A product ID has been assigned more than once. Notice that each product row in the id column has a individual ID receives.
  • There may be one or more above the column titles blank lines. Make sure the first row of your CSV file starts with the column titles.
  • The CSV file contains the rightmost part of the document empty columns and/or at the very bottom blank lines. Background and solution: When creating your product file, one or more columns to the right of your collected data may be saved as empty untitled columns. Mark the last 5 - 10 empty columns in your file, delete them and save the file again. The same applies to the empty lines below your products: mark 5 - 10 lines, delete them and save the file again.

The columns in the CSV can be named as you like, but the first column must contain the i.e (Product ID) are set. In addition, the field must product name (product name) must be filled so that the products are displayed in the matrix.

Mapping CSV Rarely in matrix

The results page can be freely configured to a certain degree. The respective columns with the corresponding content, which have been named in the CSV file, can be selected and assigned in the selector under Questionnaire > Result Page Product Sections in the "DataSource Column" line. You can find more information on this in the next chapter.

Concatenation CSV, digitizer backend, selector frontend

Download product data templates

You can either create a CSV file directly or use our Excel template with which you can validate the column names and then save the file as a CSV export. You can see how to work with the CSV file in the next chapter read.

Excel template to validate and create a CSV file: DOWNLOAD HERE

CSV template for direct use: DOWNLOAD HERE

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