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Side navigation panel

All essential functions for controlling the digitizer can be found in the navigation area on the side:

  1. Switching between editing mode (staging; toggle off) and live view (toggle on)
  2. Logout from the digitizer
  3. Open the list of available selectors and share the current selector with other users
  4. General Settings
  5. Create and edit questionnaires
  6. Configure filter logic
  7. Create results page
  8. Create contact page
  9. Create a thank you page
  10. Define incompatibilities between the possible answers
  11. Specify translations for additional languages
  12. Upload and edit products
  13. Define matrix as alternative logic to filters
  14. Manage data sources (e.g. for sending emails by zip code)
  15. Create notepad
  16. Configuration of mail dispatch
  17. Configure algorithm (set number of recommendations, exclude possible answers from the calculation)
  18. Analysis, statistics and key figures

Open documentation, save selector & open preview

Here you can go directly to documentation.

By clicking on this icon you automatically save the ID of your selector in the clipboard.

You can save changes by clicking on this symbol. Save regularly as unsaved changes will be lost if you accidentally close or log out.

You can call up the selector by clicking on this symbol. If you have already opened the selector, you can also view the saved changes by reloading the selector.

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