Business chemistry student to Head of CSM 

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Hannah, what did you do before joining FoxBase? 

I studied business chemistry at the University of Münster. During my studies, I spent a semester in China taking business and language courses before continuing with an internship at Bayer in the area of product data management and gaining exciting insights into agile project management.

I then went to Evonik, where I managed an internal global ideas competition in the area of crowdsourcing & digital innovation. By then it was clear to me that I wanted to move away from the laboratory and towards project management and digital topics.

Following on from the internship, I wrote mine there master thesis. And that's where FoxBase came into play, because for my research I carried out a personas analysis to identify different groups, including startups, that would take part in an innovation competition. I had one back then interview asked our founder and CEO Ben.

After the interview, Ben alerted me to the open CSM position, which I ultimately applied for. After discussions with our two CEOs, Ben and Carsten, the assessment center was scheduled.

After that we were all sure that Fit 1A and I was offered a position at FoxBase. In June 2020 I was in the office, ready for my first day of onboarding.  

Why did you choose FoxBase?  

The friendly and relaxed atmosphere convinced me. Of course, there were also the activities that were part of the position and the uncomplicated application process was also part of my decision.

The last two years have shown me that I made the right decision. At FoxBase Appreciation written in capital letters and I see it added value my work with the customer. Of course, this in turn creates enormous problems motivation.  

How have you developed professionally and personally since joining FoxBase? 

After two years, a development can definitely be seen. Back then, I started as the first employee of the CSM team and helped build the department.

FoxBase gave me the opportunity to expand my CSS knowledge, which has proven to be particularly helpful in my work. There are now several of us on the CSM team and I'm already at FoxBase after a year Head of Customer Success Managementt been promoted.

This step particularly promoted my development. Among other things, I learned how to lead a team and my self-consciousness strengthened by working with a wide range of customers.  

What are your professional highlights so far? 

It's very difficult for me to name a specific highlight. However, what comes to mind straight away is this feedback. This is both internal praise, but above all when a customer is warmly thanked and then new projects are even started with the same customer because they are so satisfied.

I've definitely learned over the last two years how important it is to have feedback and more importantly praise to pronounce. 

What are you responsible for in the CSM team? 

The CSM team is ultimately the interface between the sales team, the developers and the customers.

We are responsible for carrying out onboarding with new customers. These include, among others Workshops and training, as well as the constant Support when implementing a new customer project in our admin interface, the Digitizer.

But even after the launch of a project, we continue to support our customers in regular meetings. We support ours Life cycle customers if you have any questions, support you in new projects and continually update our documentation.

I think many activities in our everyday lives can be summarized under this point Project management summarize. This also includes internal activities such as resource planning and preparing our customers' feature requests for the developers. 

What is a normal working day like in the CSM team? 

Our day begins with the daily Standup meeting where we go through updates from the team. It is discussed which planned and unplanned, urgent tasks are due for the day. This allows us to react quickly and, if necessary, arrange meetings with other foxes who could help with the solution.

After the standup usually follow Meetings with customersin order to ensure continuous exchange.

Working with it is also part of everyday life digitizer, i.e. our software to support our customers in implementing their wishes as well as internal meetings and agreements. For example, we have a weekly internal planning meeting in the team and also one with the developers.

As Head of CSM, I also have jour-fix meetings with the sales and marketing teams.  

What qualities should a customer success manager have?  

As a customer success manager, you definitely should Communication and team skills bring with you, as our everyday work mostly consists of communicative tasks and finding solutions together.

Since we are the interface between FoxBase and the customers, it is important to have a certain customer focus to bring with you.

In order to be able to master everyday tasks, certain skills such as: analytical thinking, one quick perception, technical affinity, structured working and being able to explain well is important. 

It is also very important that you identify with FoxBase's corporate values and can stand behind them. These are: team spirit, respect & empathy, transparency, foresight and flexibility. 

What do you like most about your work? 

I like the varied ones Tasks, the intense Cooperation with the customers and that's great team.

I also find working in the digitizer very exciting: building a selector, thinking about logic for the customer's requirements and recognizing how the customer's content is linked in order to find a clever solution.

Even though many things can be processed in a standardized manner by the customer, each customer brings with them individual requirements and ideas that we work on together as a team. This means it never gets boring and it is always a feeling of success when we can help a customer with their needs.  

Ultimately, what I like most about my job is that I do it as part of the FoxBase team Communication at eye level to the short communication channels and the creative freedom that I am offered.

As employees, we have influence when it comes to changes that affect the team. This includes, for example, the team strategy, our benefits and further training opportunities.

We can be doers every day!  

Which FoxBase value do you identify with most?  

I would say I identify most with value Respect & Empathy.

The value is part of our daily work, as we always consult with the team and, of course, treating customers with respect is a must.

At the same time, respect and empathy are also firmly anchored in my personality and accompany me in my everyday life. 

How do the other foxes describe you?

After the interview, we asked the other foxes how they would describe Hannah. 

These keywords were mentioned most often:  

  • Helpful
  • Team player
  • Competently
  • Smart
  • Great team lead
  • Open and transparent

Hannah radiates positivity, is always ready to help, has a logical way of thinking and can therefore quickly identify problems and immediately have various solutions ready.

We are lucky to have Hannah on the team, a person whose culture fit couldn't be better. 

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