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Annika is our Team Lead of Team Talent, 24 years old, a big Gilmore Girls fan and part of the fox family for over three years.
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How did you come to FoxBase? 

I already had professional experience in a Software startup in the HR department and wanted to stay there – both in the HR area and in the startup environment, because I liked the Working atmosphere in startups particularly likes it and the contribution of your own ideas is very much appreciated. At the beginning of 2020, when I was still a student, I saw a job advertisement from FoxBase and applied for it. Shortly thereafter, I received an invitation for an interview and a short time later I was working at FoxBase as a working student.  

After two and a half years at FoxBase, I have my master thesis “Case study FoxBase GmbH: “We are one big family”: Recording and analysis of psychological stress in startups through risk assessment for psychological stress” in the company and gradually built up the HR team with processes, structures and additional team members, so that I grew more and more into the team lead role.  

So I couldn’t wait to hand in my master’s thesis and take up the position at FoxBase as “Team Lead Team Talent“ together with a great team to start. 

Why did you choose FoxBase? 

When I applied, the family and pleasant atmosphere I was immediately impressed at first contact. Over the course of my time at FoxBase, I have noticed the great Opportunities for advancementI quickly realized the challenges that lay ahead of me. That is also the reason why I decided to stay at FoxBase after I finished my studies. The talent department has now become my baby and I want to be part of it as we continue to grow and contribute to it myself.  

What are you responsible for at FoxBase? 

I am responsible for the Talent team. In addition, my daily work consists of the typical HR stuff like writing contracts and references, payroll accounting and improving our processes - both internal and external. But I am also responsible for the internal implementation of our values and the onboarding of new foxes.  

What does a normal working day look like? 

Direct emails in the morning, our HR management tool Personio and our project management tool Trello Then I read various newsletters to keep myself up to date with the industry and to identify everything relevant for FoxBase. Then I start the daily Stand-up and various meetings with the other teams.  

This may all sound very monotonous now and of course there are these daily tasks that simply have to be done, but everyday life still remains very varied, with topics such as the implementation of our People Well-Being program representing a large part.   

What are you responsible for in the Talent Team? 

Basically, the Talent Team is responsible for ensuring that Foxes sustainably well and they develop and unfold In addition, we are of course responsible for ensuring that the Fuchs family not only grows in terms of knowledge internally, but also in terms of the number of employees. 

We process all applications that come in, review them and forward them to the responsible team leads. In addition, we are also actively looking for foxes, for example through Active Sourcing or specifically approach universities and work with them and plan cool events together. 

What do you like most about your job? 

The team and the Exchange! I can learn so much from everyone.  

The constant acceptance, openness and respect that is practiced throughout the entire team is of course a highlight and promotes Work culture. A culture I enjoy working in! 

My area of responsibility with its wide range of topics and variety is also one of the highlights of my everyday work – that’s for sure. 😉 

How have you developed professionally and personally since joining FoxBase? 

Where do I start? I learned to work in a team, to help the company overcome its growing pains, to develop, introduce and monitor processes properly. I learned how active, constructive exchange can work in a company and in doing so I was able to increase my ability to take criticism, and I still do. I learned to take things into my own hands instead of complaining and expecting others to do it for me. This means I can now work very productively, but also manage to keep a balance and not overwork myself of my own accord - always difficult when you are passionate about your work.

I also have a lot of things to People and Culture – i.e. sustainable working, team development, value development – I heard about it, learned it at FoxBase and through my Master’s degree and was able to apply it directly. 

Of course, my Mario Kart skills have also improved… 

Which FoxBase value do you most identify with? And why? 

Respect and empathy: Without these values, nothing works! We all love to critically question what is happening in the company, but this is not possible without respect and empathy for one another. Our company values are the basis for all our interactions and actions!  

How would the other foxes describe you? 

Annika is a very determined, intelligent and reliable personality who is very open with everyone. She is very direct in her communication (sometimes too direct 😀), but not in a negative way. She always has an open ear for all foxes and cares about everyone's well-being. She is a very inquisitive person and shows full commitment to her work.

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