Sales 4.0 trends: tips for sales and marketing

In our previous blog article we already talked about the history as well as the advantages and disadvantages of Sales 4.0. In addition, we have summarized tips and trends for sales and marketing here to help you get started with Sales 4.0.
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Sales 4.0 is characterized by increased Transperency, Fast pace, digitalization in all areas of the company and collection of a wide variety information by the customer. On this basis, various trends can be derived that are becoming increasingly relevant in Sales 4.0. 

What really matters: Trends in Sales 4.0 

By being able to collect a wide range of customer data and information, sales and marketing can Level of personalization expand further and thus deliver suitable results for customers. For this purpose one takes place analysis of data and customer behavior within the digitalization process with appropriate tools. The collected customer data can then be used to take stock of the current communication situation. 

It is important to have a new and far-reaching approach Communication strategy to develop for customers in order to reach as many as possible. Which communication channels do customers already use? Where does your company already stand in terms of these channels and what can be expanded? What is the best way to reach customers? For example, there is one Omnichannel strategy at? A best practice example of this is the company Merck. All relevant questions are asked here in advance in order to be able to respond individually to customers and their needs. 

Digitalization has also changed the customer journey changed. Increased data transparency enables the customer to access all information about a product online and to compare different providers with each other. This means that a purchase decision was usually made before the actual contact with the company. Salespeople can no longer rely exclusively on the classic consulting process, but must reposition themselves and stand out from other providers in the digital space.  

Against the background of digitalization, customers prefer simple processes, personalized solutions, implementation of the aforementioned omnichannel strategy by companies and visualization of the products with the help of VR or AR.

Summarized again

  • A wide range of customer data is collected, with the help of which offers and search results can be personalized for customers and further expanded according to their needs. 
  • A new communication strategy tailored to customers helps to reach as many customers as possible and respond to individual needs. 
  • Customers can read almost any information transparently online and compare providers with each other. The sales department must therefore be convincing before the actual contact is made.

3 tips for Sales 4.0 

Tips can also be derived from the previously mentioned Sales 4.0 trends that can support sales and marketing in using and implementing digitalization as profitably as possible. 

1. Create the right online offer for customers. 

This tip sounds simple at first, but it should still be anchored as one of the basic rules in sales and marketing. The basic idea behind this is more leads to generate and New customers to win. In advance, you should think about which services, products, services or information can be presented and marketed online and which target customers you want to attract.  

In order to adapt the needs of customers accordingly during the customer journey, close collaboration between sales and marketing is necessary. Depending on the product and the needs of the customers there will be a different one Communication or sales channel relevant, so that sales and marketing can and must complement each other ideally. Do customers prefer online product advice, chatbots or personal advice? 

Only through an appropriate one analysis Using the customer data, the customer journey can be structured accordingly and those touchpoints that are particularly relevant for customers can be identified and expanded in the future. Today the motto is: Data is King! 

2. Turn analog users into digital fans and references. 

Against the background of the increasing Digitalization and automation Regular contact with customers should not be neglected. Whether digital or personal depends on the respective customer and the associated conditions. 

It is still important to continually strengthen existing business relationships and turn customers into fans of the company and its associated products and services. Through positive Reviews, reviews, References or Recommendations Customers can support the company and become one of the strongest weapons in marketing, because nothing is more convincing than positive feedback from a customer. 

3. Create a balance between automated and personal contacts. 

Contacting us via social media, email or other automated tools is faster, but is characterized by a certain degree of impersonality. This is exactly what can lead to virtual contacts stay in this area and do not become real customer contacts. In addition, AI tools like ChatGPT challenge the trustworthiness of such contact requests.  

Positive and competent Characteristics of a salesperson Despite digitalization, sales skills are still very important and should not be ignored. A healthy mix of a larger number of initial contacts and an in-depth and personalization of these is therefore a good basis within Sales 4.0. 

And how far have you gotten into Sales 4.0? 


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