Metaverse and B2B sales: A first overview and why the metaverse is becoming increasingly important 

Do you already know the term metaverse? The Metaverse or Metaverse has received more and more attention in recent months. In the following article you will find out what the Metaverse is in B2B sales, what opportunities it opens up and how it could be used profitably.
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Definition Metaverse – What does it actually mean? 

The metaverse in the form that many entrepreneurs imagine it does not yet fully exist. A clear and consistent definition of what a metaverse is therefore remains difficult for the time being. 

The metaverse can be as virtual space can be seen, although this term does not fully cover the scope that constitutes a metaverse. But users can log in here using avatars move freely, come into contact with each other and with their environment to interact

The Metaverse is intended to resemble the real world. Avatars can live, work, build relationships, have conversations and much more. So it is one Characteristics of virtual reality, but not a game or a digital economy. These aspects belong to the metaverse, but they do not entirely define it. It is therefore the result of a combination of many different things and areas and is therefore very complex in its representation.

What is important here is that the metaverse: 

  • no pause button owns, such as a computer game. The Metaverse can be entered at any time and all processes and actions take place in real time. 
  • offers the possibility customizable avatars to create. People act with the help of these avatars and thus obtain one virtual identity
  • especially on Content and Experience based and is further driven by this. 
  • the Use of items already purchased there not restricted. If you play a computer game, for example, products purchased there can only be used in this game.
    The situation is different in the Metaverse, as here the items are available and can be used holistically and in every area. 
  • one own, functioning economy as well as a working one Payment system required so that purchase transactions can take place unhindered. 

The Metaverse is accordingly the evolution of what we currently refer to as the Internet. Key technologies that come into play in the Metaverse are Virtual reality as well as Extended reality, Cryptocurrencies (related to NFTs as digital collectibles to denote digital ownership) and Artificial intelligence.

Benefits for B2B companies 

Now the question naturally arises as to what use such a metaverse can have for the corporate context. There are many new opportunities and possibilities, especially in the B2B sector.

Present B2B products differently 

The Metaverse offers a new possibility interactive product presentation. The Metaverse has one in particular Experience character, so that a sales conversation can be designed as an adventure and the B2B product can be illuminated from all sides. 

The customers operate the product themselves, interact with it and can communicate directly with the salespeople if they have any questions. It is no longer about a purely informative exchange about the product, for which a video conference or a product video would have been sufficient. Rather, the customer should use the product at any time that is convenient for him try it out individually and then purchase not only virtually but also physically. 

This would make the sales process much easier. As Aids You can also use VR or AR demonstrations serve to make the entire experience even more individual. However, VR or AR glasses are not absolutely necessary to use the Metaverse. At the beginning, product presentations can also be made in the browser using a 3D model create. This is an example of such a model Sika signal box, by being able to move through the entrance hall to different subject areas and complexes, similar to a computer game.

Carry out trade fairs online 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have switched to digital trade fairs and stayed that way. The Metaverse offers the possibility of a virtual trade fair with the associated trade fair stand for companies. Unlike previous video conferences, trade fair visitors can use their Avatar Virtually walk around the exhibition grounds, look at the products and posters on the stands and speak to the sales representatives live. 

The experience compared to an in-person trade fair is therefore not restricted. The avatars of other trade fair visitors can be addressed on their own initiative, so that a Networking can also take place in a virtual manner. It is possible to attend lectures and ask questions live. The big advantage is the realistic possibility virtual communication, unlike, for example, chat options in video conferences or webinars.

B2B marketing channel and customer loyalty 

It can be seen that all areas between the first contact up to Customer loyalty programs can and will be influenced by the Metaverse. The Metaverse, as suggested above, offers new opportunities to build new ones Customer relationships and consolidation of existing ones. 

The Metaverse is also an innovative way to get in touch with important decision-makers in the B2B sector. This is, above all, also the case younger generationswho are already familiar with the new technologies and processes. 

Existing websites and platforms of a B2B company can therefore be replaced by one own metaverse be added to promote the customer experience itself and increase reach. There are a variety of visual options available to make your own brand and company visible.

Collaboration, online events and networking 

In addition, the Metaverse offers new opportunities to facilitate and improve collaboration between employees and between B2B players as well as networking opportunities. Serve as support for this process 3D models, Virtual reality, Artificial intelligence as well as Machine learning

Similar to the virtual trade fairs can also virtual events of the company are planned. With digital events, travel costs and location restrictions are eliminated. Nevertheless, speaking and networking together can take place at the same time and the lectures can be followed on the virtual stage. The resulting Flexibility and individuality This in turn increases the reach of the company.

Challenges of the Metaverse

The opportunities presented by the Metaverse are diverse and impressive, but with potential implementation comes challenges. 

One Requirement for the metaverse and the implementation is one good technical infrastructure. However, this not only includes hardware such as a laptop or VR glasses, but also a stable and, above all, powerful internet connection. The expansion of the 5G network, for example, offers a first step in improvement, although its range is far from affecting everyone. 

It is important to have one individually tailored strategy for your own company and product. What current challenges or difficulties does the company see? Which problems should be solved and which goals should be pursued? What is the target group made up of and what requirements do they place on the company and the product? Once these questions have been answered, further action towards a metaverse can be considered. 

Another consideration would then be: proprietary metaverse to build or join another. The Metaverse by Mark Zuckerberg For example, is only one possible version, because every company with the technical and financial possibilities could in principle build its own metaverse. What is and remains important is that Interests of the target group specifically in order to get the full benefit of the Metaverse.

In summary: The advantages of the Metaverse at a glance 

The Metaverse is: 

  • Location-independent, both for the company itself and for customers and interested parties. 
  • one Experience of the product in virtual form so that customers can engage with the product individually and in detail. 
  • resource-saving, as it comes with no ongoing costs for users and can already be accessed via a browser. 
  • sustainable due to no travel and transport costs, but also consumed due to the necessary technical infrastructure more energy
  • a way to have an unlimited number of visitors at the same time Trade fair appearance or one event to invite. 
  • helpful to the Innovative power and modernity of your own company. Current trends and technical innovations are implemented and thus strengthen the image of a modern company and product.

The Metaverse thus offers great potential, which would not have been possible without the new technical innovations and possibilities of the modern world. Would you like one of the Pioneers in the Metaverse watch, watch Decentraland or NetVRk over.

Is the Metaverse also an opportunity for your company? 


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