AI in sales: revolutionize sales with digital purchase advice

A digital advisor takes the customer by the hand and guides them through the offer to find the right product or service in just a few minutes. AI in sales is in demand and offers numerous advantages such as saving time, better planning and increased efficiency.
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Sales software and artificial intelligence are already part of modern sales. In the future, there will be new and exciting opportunities to improve customer service based on artificial intelligence. Customer contact and service will become more individual and emotional - and all of this will be completely digital. Sales software and AI will also make day-to-day business much easier, especially for products that require explanation. Digital customer advice reduces incorrect orders, prevents misunderstandings and, above all, saves time. What possibilities does AI already offer in sales today? And what does a digital advisor look like?

What does AI mean in sales?

The term AI has been mentioned countless times, used as a fancy buzzword and often misunderstood. AI is thought of as robots that can learn for themselves over time and act independently. And yes, that is AI, but not only that. AI is also used in sales and makes everyday work easier.

In sales, artificial intelligence not only enables better, digital communication with customers, but also relieves employees of repetitive tasks and increases efficiency. We are a long way from self-learning robots, but we are still talking about artificial intelligence that simplifies sales processes.

AI basically refers to machines that learn, judge and solve problems independently and thus come close to the human brain. Artificial intelligence is therefore the umbrella term for applications in which machines perform human-like intelligence functions.

The terms machine learning and predictive analytics are particularly frequently used in the context of AI and sales.

Machine learning

Machine learning uses algorithms to analyze data. The machine learns from this data and makes informed decisions. The machine is given a specific goal and learns to derive a result from the input data.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics uses historical data to predict future events. To do this, data from the past is analyzed using additional, predefined factors. This is particularly exciting for sales when it comes to identifying market trends.

In sales, artificial intelligence is mainly used when it comes to direct sales to customers. In direct sales, the customer needs advice, which can be provided with the help of algorithms and AI and gives companies valuable insights into customer needs.

What are the benefits of a digital customer advisor for the customer?

Products and services are becoming more and more standardized thanks to ongoing innovations and opportunities using artificial intelligence. Customers have also learned and prefer digital channels, especially those that offer them individual and quick advice. Sales via digital channels are not only trendy today, but are also desired by customers.

Customers, especially in B2B, want to find the right product quickly and easily. They want a clear platform on which they can find and compile all the relevant information about the products or services in no time at all in order to be able to make a quick and good purchasing decision. In other words, they want a digital purchasing advisor.

The development of sales is moving towards making more and more information freely available to customers without having to contact the sales representative.

What are the benefits of digital customer service for companies?

AI enables live interaction with the customer, as well as identifying results, trends and developments in customer behavior in order to improve sales performance. An AI can also make recommendations for action just as well as the best sales representative, connecting valuable data from various information sources in one place. This solves the major problem of difficult-to-manage data volumes in sales.

AI creates much more than efficiency for companies – it is a key to increased competitiveness. Some of the advantages are:

  • Simplifying workflows
  • Increasing efficiency through data-based business models
  • Creating more accurate forecasts
  • Faster adaptation to market changes
  • Reduction of repetitive tasks

The main advantages are obvious: more sales, compensation for the decline in traditional sales and generation of exciting customer data through direct, digital customer relationships.

But the most important thing is that customers and sales save a lot of time or regain it! Sales software offers unimagined opportunities. Simple tasks can be automated and through standardized knowledge transfer, sales staff can use their time much better. Personal customer contact remains important! Collecting data about the customer's needs helps both sides to gain more time for qualitative and goal-oriented advice. This can be achieved, for example, by using artificial intelligence to ask standard questions and pass them on to sales. 

What does a digital purchasing advisor look like?

An example of how complex consulting also works digitally is a Product configuratorProduct configurators are software with which products, but also services or systems are recommended digitally and individually, according to the needs of the customer, and prepared for the purchase.

In the construction industry, for example, the search for suitable drywall solutions is often a time-consuming challenge, because customers require a whole range of product information, data sheets, construction documents and much more. With a product configurator, the search for the right solution is made easier for customers and planning and quotation preparation become more effective.

Here are a few practical examples:

Danogips – freedom for drywall construction
KIMW – Offer configurator for testing services in the plastics industry
THOMSIT – Digital advice on the installation of floor coverings

Implementing AI in sales: simple or complicated?

The range extends from "very simple and can be implemented in a few weeks" to "we need an innovation department". There are already established AI solutions that can digitize sales in a few weeks, and there are solutions that can be very complex and time-consuming to implement or even have to be developed first. We therefore recommend that when looking for external partners, you always take a closer look at customer examples and references in order to get a feel for the possibilities of the AI solution and the effort involved in implementation.

For a digital purchasing advisor to be successful, data is necessary. Without data, it is not possible to build an efficient online sales operation that is also customer-centric. If we are able to understand the needs of customers and prospects, we are ultimately able to really put our customers at the center of all our activities and better understand what purchasing intentions these people have. As long as data remains unused, it does not add any value.

When introducing sales software or implementing a new strategy, care should also be taken to ensure that all existing systems can be integrated. Once the basic requirements have been met, the use of AI and software solutions for sales can be implemented quickly. AI in sales does not have to be as complicated as it sounds. And FoxBase has developed the digital purchase advisor for B2B sales 😉. With our Software solution Our customers modernize their sales within eight weeks.


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