Industry CAN Find Top Talents: What will tomorrow's recruiting look like? 

Whether it's the Covid-19 pandemic, demographic change or a shortage of skilled workers: finding new talent for your own company is difficult. But what are the specific hurdles that recruiters face and which best practices have already paid off? What does the search for talent and the ideal application process look like? The Meetup Industry CAN Find Top Talents addressed these questions and provided exciting insights and reports from experts in the field of recruiting.
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Industry CAN is intended to show what the “industry can do” and provide exciting content and new insights as well as invite people to network afterwards. Very important at Industry CAN: The exchange of experience reports, tips and new ideas, while leading experts from the digital industries are brought together. This time we were able to get to know the speakers Katja Sankowski, Chief Human Resources Officer at tonies GmbH, Tim Verhoeven, Senior Manager Employer Insights at indeed, and Carsten Dolch, Managing Director and Founder of FoxBase, are looking forward to it. The panel discussion, moderated by Victoria Blechmann, focused on the question of Top talents – where do you look for them, how do you get them? 

Post and pray was yesterday – what will recruiting look like tomorrow? 

All Industry CAN speakers agree: the application process has changed! Today, companies have to position themselves well and create incentives to find, inspire and retain top talent. Below we have summarized for you what our experts say about the current hurdles in recruiting and the demands of applicants, as well as insider tips for attracting the coveted top talent. 

Current hurdles in recruiting 

The Number the unoccupied Training positions is at a record high, the demographic change will continue to increase until 2030, leaving a significant gap in the labor market. During the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a sharp decline in job advertisements, which was followed shortly afterwards by a sharp increase. Conversely, this means that the number of employed people is falling, while the number of job advertisements continues to rise steeply. 

Here the first challenge for companies. The most common motivation for job seekers is still the salary, followed by possible career opportunities and additional benefits that a company offers. It is therefore becoming increasingly difficult for companies to position themselves and remain competitive in a wide range of job advertisements. 

Potential applicants also always take fewer Time per job postingIf the job advertisements are too complex and confusing or the application process is time-consuming and cumbersome, this can lead to a high drop-out rate and the funnel remains empty. 

In addition, many companies are using their focus on the respective Company locationHowever, the trend, both in job advertisements and job searches, is moving towards Remote work and Home officeIf a company is not prepared to offer these working models and to make them explicitly known, this will also limit its competitiveness and reach. 

Applicants’ expectations and changes in recent years 

Job seekers still have the right to Speed in the application processFor many top talents, prompt feedback and transparent communication of the current applicant status is an essential aspect in the choice of future job and the further application process. 

In addition, there is now an increasing desire for an increased level of Flexibility and individuality in relation to everyday working life. Options such as remote work, flexible entry options and part-time work have become an important part of the demands of potential applicants. Ideally, different life models and situations should be taken into account right from the start and fit in with your own professional life accordingly. 

In this context, the Company location has become an important factor. Depending on the lifestyle, this should be as individual and flexible as possible, so that job seekers no longer have to be dependent on just one location. 

How exactly are employees searched for? 

Every company has its own ideas and tactics for finding new top talent. FoxBase, for example, relies heavily on young people and wants to create spaces for this group of people in which they can develop and surpass themselves. Possible contact points here include Universitiesto pick up potential new employees directly and introduce them to the company. At the same time, it is important to have a good Mix of different channels of job advertisements in order to increase reach and be visible as a company. 

Another method, for example at Indeed, is Employer branding campaignsIf the satisfaction of employees and the pride of the company are transparently communicated to the outside world, authentic employees emerge who appeal directly to top talents. The first step for top talents is to contact employees of a company and ask them about their experiences so far. This results in honest and authentic reports of experiences that transparently depict the company and the corporate culture. 

At tonies GmbH, we also provide Customers a pool of potential employees. Customers are already very familiar with the company's product and are interested in further developing it. For example, customers are also Open innovation processes to provide new ideas and impulses. In addition, there are also intrinsically motivated recommendations from employees of the company as well as a large Pool of potential applicantswho have already applied, but for whom there was no suitable job advertisement at that time. If necessary, an application that was submitted some time ago but is still of great interest can then be drawn from this pool. 

Best Practices: Find Top Talents 

There are various ways to reach job seekers and attract top talent to your company. Our speakers shared their experiences and best practices with us.  Your insider tips: 

  • Tools and HR systems such as Personio or Talents-Connect are often used as administration or recruiting sites. This enables quick and direct communication with the applicant. In addition, every employee can see at any time what the current application status is, when the last interview with the applicant was and what other important data there is. It is important to decentralize the application process and not make it dependent on one person. The Covid-19 pandemic in particular has taught many companies that sudden downtimes of one person can often occur. In this case, however, applicants do not have to wait for feedback from a specific person and the desired speed of the application process is maintained. 
  • Another way to reach potential applicants is Employees, which for their own company advertiseFor example, this can be done via the platform kununu Here, feedback is given to the company publicly, so that external interested parties can also deal with the employees' experiences. Since authenticity and transparency are considered very important for the top talents, recommendations and Testimonials an ideal opportunity to reach these talents. 
  • Public channels The company's logo or even its own website can be designed with pictures of the office, photos of team events, lunch breaks or similar activities. A company thus presents a clear image to the outside world, stands out from others and is therefore more visible and transparent for interested job seekers. Another possibility is to recruit people for Events and events in the office and thus to illustrate the openness and transparency as well as the approachability of the company. 
  • To stand out from other companies and remain competitive, contemporary benefits for employees (keyword: additional benefits as motivation for job seekers). This includes remote work and part-time work, but also the option to switch flexibly between the two models. A possible budget for setting up a home office or additional services such as LunchIt or Urban Sports Club are also an essential part of the offer, which particularly appeals to young job seekers and sets the company apart from others that do not offer these benefits. 
  • By a Individualization and Adjustment By tailoring the position to the applicant, you will also achieve greater satisfaction and thus lower fluctuation. It is not just a question of how long and how much you work, but also of your working methods and attitude to work and how efficiently you work. 
  • Another important consideration is a good recruiting mix, which addresses all target groups, from active to passive job seekers, and stands out from others. How can I provide exciting positions to exciting applicants? What other benefits can I offer, for example, a roofer who cannot work from home? 
  • The most important point is to find suitable persons in your own Recruiting team to have people who take care of the applicants, are approachable for them, ask for feedback and have a good instinct. The candidate should have the feeling that someone is taking care of him and that he is in good hands. If these people are still active- If you have sourcing skills and can see and approach a candidate with outstanding characteristics, the process is optimized. 

Insider tip: 

Pay special attention to your Job advertisements. These should be formulated in an interesting way in order to position yourself well. They should not be too long and detailed or contain a complex and awkwardly worded title. This puts off many applicants. A job advertisement that is confusingly designed not only scares off potential applicants, but is also less likely to be displayed and found through search engine optimization. With increasing competition in a competitive market, you will not benefit from this. 

You also have to make the job advertisement culturally dependent and adapt to the respective market. Job seekers in the USA, for example, search differently than those in Germany.

After recruiting comes onboarding: What does successful onboarding look like? 

Congratulations – the top talent and you have found each other. The next step now concerns the first few weeks in the new company. How can the transition to a new company be made as easy as possible for new employees? Clearly: an attractive Onboarding, thes includes all essential aspects of integration into a company. 

The aim of onboarding is to introduce the new employee to the new company as well as possible, to provide him with all the important information and a suitable contact person for questions and problems. Onboarding buddy or Onboarding Partner lays the essential foundation for the successful integration of new colleagues and should therefore have a good network within the company as well as previous experience. This way, new employees can get to know other people in the company right from the start and a positive interpersonal level can develop from day one. 

Regularly held Onboarding check-ins are also an essential part of exchanging feedback, feelings, questions and challenges during the first working period and enabling a smooth transition. The current onboarding structure can thus be adapted and continuously improved. 

Find Top Talents: Our Checklist 

To find top talent, you should: 

  • on one good recruiting mix that caters to all job seekers and interested parties. 
  • in the application process the speed, Flexibility and individuality of the applicants. 
  • Employer branding campaigns and Testimonials current employees use to promote the transparency and authenticity of your company to the outside world.
  • on professional and experienced recruiters regard. They are the be-all and end-all for a successful search for top talent. 
  • on the formulation and Depiction Yours job ad Pay attention and adapt to the respective market. 
  • one good onboarding have worked out so that new employees can quickly find their way around and integrate into your company. 


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