With these new features of the FoxBase platform, B2B companies can now create an efficient and digital consulting experience even more easily.

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At the end of the year, FoxBase is introducing the latest features of the FoxBase platform for B2B sales. With the no-code postprocessor, absolutely no IT knowledge is required to digitize the consulting process and the new Inisghts portal offers even more exciting data about the customer journey and customer needs. FoxBase presents groundbreaking software updates:

  • ISO 27001 certification for more data security
  • Insights Portal 2.0 for more insights into the user journey
  • No-code potsprocessor for easier programming
  • FoxBase API for more flexibility and application possibilities
  • Neural Search Model for faster product recommendations

More details about the new features and updates:

Safety first: ISO 27001 certification in focus

A central highlight is the upcoming ISO 27001 certification. FoxBase sets a clear focus on the highest standards in the area of IT security. This step will help make the platform even more secure and reliable and further strengthen the already robust security measures.

In the future, the new Insights Portal will provide an improved overview and more insights into the customer journey

The revised Insights Portal sets new standards for user-friendliness and flexibility. With a scalable framework, customers receive updates much faster and can now access interactive visualizations. Additional key figures such as length of stay per page were added. It is now also possible to transfer the data to other tools via an interface so that customers can view all of their data in a central location.

No-code postprocessor for individual logic

A groundbreaking development this year is the integration of the postprocessor into the FoxBase platform. Users with little or no programming knowledge can now flexibly create their own calculations and text generation. The intuitive user interface opens up a variety of options for customizing results pages without having to rely on complex programming.

API enhancements for seamless integration

The FoxBase API has been further optimized to enable seamless integrations into various frontends, chatbots and apps. This development now offers customers even more flexibility and also forms the basis for future developments. In addition, data can also be transferred to other CRM systems and, given the simple fact that the customer journey in B2B can be very lengthy, accessed at a later point in time.

Artificial intelligence for better search

Currently still work in progress: The integration of Neural Search. This promises to be a revolutionary improvement in semantic search. By connecting LLMs (Large Language Models) such as GPT or BERT with innovative vector databases, users will be able to make natural language search queries in the future; the system understands the meaning of the query and displays appropriate, appropriate results. This approach marks a significant advance in the efficiency of data analysis and significantly reduces the maintenance effort for our customers.

With the new functions and projects presented, FoxBase not only delivers more efficiency and user-friendliness, but the platform solution also takes a significant step towards an even more secure and flexible platform for B2B sales.


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