10 exciting online magazines for B2B

Online magazines offer an ideal way to stay up to date with B2B marketing and sales and to access current content. We have put together a list of exciting, informative B2B magazines that are designed to inspire and entertain you.
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The order is not based on our rating. We find all online magazines equally exciting. 😊

1. Visable 360: The magazine for digital sales 

Visable wants to make B2B companies visible and their ideas possible. Its goal is to support industrial SMEs and their services and products and to make them accessible to buyers. Increasing reach in Europe sets the tone here. 

The magazine Visable 360 provides both current practical tips as well as basic knowledge in the B2B area. In an additional section, interviews with Experts | from the B2B industry who share their knowledge and experience. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a additional topic page which particularly examines the impact of the pandemic on the B2B sector. 

You can find the online magazine here.

2. t3n 

t3n, as a platform for the digital economy, has set itself the task of current trends and developments in the digital economy. Everyone should be able to benefit from this knowledge and participate. 

At regular intervals, t3n publishes a magazine that you can browse through virtually. It covers a wide range of topics relating to Digitalization, Marketing, B2B Work as well as current trends treated. 

You can find t3n magazines here

3. marconomy 

Marconomy is the specialist portal for B2B topics. Using a wide range of practical examples, it shows how trend topics from marketing, communication and sales can be placed in the medium-sized industry.  

Marconomy’s magazine offers specialist articles on various topics such as E-commerce, sales, SEO or content marketingCurrent questions, trends and expert interviews are summarized for you here.  

You can find Marconomy’s magazine here

4. VIVID Magazine 

As a business magazine for Düsseldorf, VIVID presents the latest and most exciting business models, newcomers, start-ups and most agile corporations.  

The magazine VIVID deals with the Jobs of tomorrow, the changes brought about by the digitalization, various Innovations and keeps you above all current developments the Düsseldorf economy up to date. 

You can find VIVID’s contributions here.

5. manner 

The creative agency art und weise offers various opportunities in the field Strategy consulting, Content and online marketing and Sitesto support and accompany medium-sized companies in the development of their digital strategy. 

This is also reflected in the accompanying magazine. It offers a wide range of B2B and B2C, SEA and SEO, Innovation consulting and much more. Contributions and opinions from the editorial team as well as basic knowledge are conveyed. 

You can find the magazine of art und weise here

6. Internet World Business 

Internet World is one of the leading information and training platforms for digital commerce. It covers key topics relating to Ecommerce and marketing discussed and prepared for you. 

The magazine Internet World Business is published regularly and not only covers the areas B2B and Sales, but also current trends, for example the Social media marketing or Online trading in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

You can find all editions here find.

7. Vertriebszeitung.de 

The sales newspaper informs sales managers as well as sales employees and those interested in sales about the latest and most important developments in B2B sales.  

Both challenges of Sales routine, sales strategies, Topics of digitalization or also the Sales management addressed. 

Here you can click through the different posts. 

8. B2B – The magazine for B2B brands 

For over ten years, the RTS Rieger Team and b2b NEWS have been publishing the customer magazine “B2B” together. The focus is on a wide range of topics relating to B2B communication

article about current trends as well as Basic knowledge in the fields of Customer Experience or communication are here by Interview, Expert panels and complemented by a variety of social perspectives. 

You can find the B2B Magazine here

9. acquisa: Magazine for e-commerce, marketing & sales 

The online trade magazine acquisa offers content for everyone who is interested in the areas marketing and distribution and want to deepen their knowledge. Complex topics should be summarized in an understandable and comprehensible way in order to reach everyone at their individual level of knowledge. 

You can choose between the categories marketing, distribution, Ecommerce and Social-Media choose and acquire both basic knowledge and Testimonials and Expert interviews find. 

You can find the acquisa magazine here.

10. B2B Marketing Magazine 

The marketing consultancy Think B2B offers everything related to B2B customers, agile marketing and distributionThe associated magazine also aims to cover the diverse range of topics related to B2B marketing. 

The different categories include Advice and Consulting, Case Studies and white paper, marketing, Projects as well as Workshops, about which exciting articles are published. 

You can find the B2B Marketing Magazine here.

If you are interested in a variety of topics in the B2B sector, then click through the magazines!  


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