Radically accelerate B2B sales with the DIGITAL PRODUCT SELECTOR

The software for quick, easy and digital product advice.
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Digital Product Selector
Why FoxBase?

What our customers say

"With its Digital Product Selector, FoxBase GmbH offers software that customers and employees can finally use to find the best dye or dye additive from our portfolio in just a few steps and, above all, in the customer's language."
Mara Goetzl, Head of Strategy & Business Integration at RheinChemie Additives
"FoxBase's software solution impresses with its high level of flexibility and scalability paired with fairly simple backend handling."
Denise Stahlhut, Team Lead Digital Marketing at Triflex GmbH & Co. KG
“FoxBase is a competent partner with a very innovative solution. With the Digital Product Selector, we now have a digital seminar finder that has enabled us to completely replace our annual print catalogue.”
Christoph Lau, Managing Director at the Association of Garden, Landscape and Sports Field Construction North Rhine-Westphalia eV
“FoxBase is an innovative start-up and shows how easy and intuitive digital consulting can be. Customer feedback on the tariff advisor is consistently positive.”
Christine Wietscher, Product Owner
"We chose FoxBase because they are the only provider of a software solution for digitizing sales with a strong expertise in the chemical industry."
Diana Barthel, Assistant Marketing Flooring / Waterproofing Sika Deutschland GmbH
“With just a few clicks, we offer our customers the entire world of dry construction. We not only show tested solutions, but also all relevant standard constructions. This makes our construction selector unique on the market.”
Markus Runte, Head of Technology at Danogips
“With the offer configurator, we offer our customers and interested parties a unique single point of contact. In just a few minutes you will find an individual offer and can conclude our service directly. With the offer configurator, we offer a clear competitive advantage over other providers.”
Joerg Gunther, Managing Director at KIMW Testing and Analysis GmbH
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From traditional to digital distribution in just three minutes

"Shopping makes you happy," as the saying goes. But not so in the B2B environment! Here products are often much more complicated than the customer knows from his private life. As a result, both the customer and the sales department have to invest much more time in research and mediation.

There's an easier way!

FoxBase has developed the Digital Product Selector, software that guides your customers quickly and easily to their desired product and radically increases sales efficiency. How? We show you here!

One software that can be integrated into many systems

Digital product advice for digital touchpoints

dealer shop
dealer shop
And many more
This is what modern B2B sales look like

Customer Journey with the Digital Product Selector

Individual needs analysis
A few interactive questions are asked in customer language – just like in a good sales pitch.
step 1
Smart product recommendation
The customer quickly and easily receives the product recommendation that suits his needs.
step 2
Automated lead qualification
Either direct purchase via web shop or transmission of all relevant data to sales via email or CRM.
step 3
step final
Show your customers what suits them.
Digital, easy and in just a few clicks.
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Added value for your company

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Significantly more qualified leads

  • Simple interaction in customer language
  • Individual product recommendation
  • All relevant information at a glance
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Reduction of sales cycles by up to 90 %

  • Digital product search by customers themselves
  • Less effort for sales to qualify
  • Reduction of repetitive requests for product management

Increase efficiency by 40 %

  • More customers and more sales
  • Higher conversion to lead and purchase
  • Lower customer acquisition costs
A strong partner
A strong partner
B2B specialists
B2B specialists
Customer centric
Customer centric
Low cost
Low cost (TCO)

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We look forward to your inquiry about the Digital Product Selector. Let's digitize B2B sales together in a sustainable way!


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